The Agenda, including local planning applications, can be viewed on the Friday prior to the NAWARA Committee meeting on the 2nd Monday of each month apart from August. 

Monthly minutes are published once approved.  


Whilst communications are not published, NAWARA manages the following.  

  • Incoming communications generally includes incoming views from residents about local issues, and requests for help over planning and other matters 
  • Outgoing Communications may include assistance to residents who wish to comment on planning applications, or those who require information on where to obtain help over other subjects of interest or concern.  
  • On wider issues Bucks Council and our three Councillors are approached about various issues including  planning and environmental problems, arboriculture matters such as protecting woodlands: highway concerns, parking, and rights of way.  
  • Hughenden Parish Council’s help is sought over local planning, hedge-cutting, fallen trees, footpaths, verge maintenance, bus shelters, allotments, and other areas for which it has responsibility. 

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Secretary: Gloria LeflaiveChairperson: John RussellLaunched by Usha Prashar

PRESENT: John Russell (Chairperson and Treasurer). Gloria Leflaive (Hon. Sec.), Claire Patten, Susan Bickerstaffe, Usha Prashar

1. APOLOGIES: Robert Harris (Deputy Chairperson), Richard Dressel, Bartha Pitman

2. MINUTES: The minutes of the 22.10.2021 were agreed as correct after confirming that 1). Cheryl Anderson had expressed a wish to continue as a NAWARA committee at the time. 2). Robert Harris’s name should be removed from list of those Present at the 2021 AGM.

3. MATTERS ARISING: Regarding the 2021 AGM minutes, Susan requested AGM Minutes be issued immediately after the AGM, as it was difficult to remember details nearly a year later.

4. CORRESPONDENCE: 1) National Trust. 2) Bernie Knill (Speaker) through National Trust and phone.3) NAWARA Committee members.4) Norma Clarke and Paul Rigler re loudspeaker.

5. PLANNING: No new plans considered due to limit on zoom meeting time.

6. REPORTS: Arrangements for the AGM followed.

a) Gloria had organised a Speaker for the AGM. National Trust’s Bernie Knill would speak on the Top Secret Bomb Target mapping at Hughenden Manor, known as Hillside, during World War 2.

b) Finance. John Russell had prepared the Finance Report for inspection at the AGM as best he could in Richard Dressel’s absence in hospital. He had also been unable to refer to the NAWARA cheque book handed to Richard D by Dick Field (former Treasurer),as that had been misplaced. The recipient of a £75 cheque paid from that cheque book on 17th March 2021 could not be traced. Gloria Leflaive’s expenses in 2021 were accounted for through stubs in the NAWARA cheque book held by Gloria.

Auditor. John R had as yet been unable to contact John Harris who had audited NAWARA accounts in the past.

c) Wine and Glasses to be obtained from Majestic Wines in High Wycombe. John Russel agreed to undertake this.

d) Unused Drinks either to be returned to Majestic Wines for refund or retained for October Quiz and December Xmas Party.

e) Drinks table to be set up towards back of hall covered by a table cloth which Claire agreed to supply.

f) Wine pourers at AGM. Claire P and John R agreed to assist.

g) Nibbles. Claire agreed to provide Nibbles and bowls for these, as she had in the past, and to supply a table cloth to cover a Nibbles Table at the back of the hall.

h) Coffee, Tea, Milk and Sugar to be provided by Gloria and placed in the kitchen close to the hot tank.

i) Information Board containing 2022 AGM Agenda with names of NAWARA committee nominees; 2021 AGM Minutes,;2021 Financial Accounts; 2022 Constitution, NAWARA’s Purpose doc; New NAWARA website link; NAWARA contact details; October Quiz advert; Clappins Lane Oak Tree photo, to be prepared by Gloria.

j) Village Hall Loudspeaker. Gloria to contact Trustee Norma Clarke and Handyman Dave Evans.

k) Timing. 6.15pm NAWARA Committee arrives to set up VH for AGM. 7pm. Speaker Bernie Knill arrives to set up projector and his speakers on tables at front of VH screen

l) Publicity 54 AGM posters designed by Susan Bickerstaffe had been printed and put up by Gloria. She was to contact 120+ residents by email to invite them to AGM because the Gazette had refused to print the AGM poster in Gazette. Bartha Pitman would be asked to post Susan’s AGM poster on Facebook

7. OTHER BUSINESS : 1.Resignation. John Russell, to everyone’s regret, tendered his resignation as NAWARA Chairman due to excessive voluntary work he had taken on.

However John indicated that he would agree to be nominated for the position of Treasurer in place of Richard Dressel who had relinquished the position due to ill-health.

2. Claire suggested 7th of October for fund raising Quiz. This was agreed by Committee.

8. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 8.00 pm Monday 11th July 2022 at the Village Hall