Many of you are achieving your goals, reaching milestones and celebrating and  we would love to acknowledge this. Whether it is a local marriage, birth, a charitable endeavour or perhaps a local sports team victory, the fete prince and princess or house captain of your school, please do let us know so that we can  share the good news with all the residents. 

We would also like to celebrate residents who currently serve our community and those who did but are sadly no longer with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.  



Congratulations to Samuel, winner of NAWARA’s raffle at the Village fete on 11 June 2022!

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Best Kept Village – Naphill & Walters Ash

The sign is up outside the village hall stating Winner of the Best Kept Village. The cup we have won is the DeFraine Cup. It was presented to us at the village hall at 2.30pm on Saturday 24th September by Bill Chapple, Chairman of BKVC, accompanied by some of the BKVC Judges.

It was a fantastic effort that involved everyone in our community from the young to the more senior. There was a litter pick on the 21st May for the Jubilee and during June and July local businesses took extra care of their hanging baskets and planters. It showed we all had pride in our villages.

In 2023 we will compete against four other BKV winners for the Tindall Cup. Won’t it be great if we can win that too! We know our villages are nice to live in, it’s even better to be judged a nice environment to live in.

Let’s keep up the good work, keeping our villages neat and tidy.

Credit to Jonathan Hilder for a selection of photos – thank you for giving us permission to use them.