Draft Constitution to be proposed at the AGM on 8th July 2022

1. NAME      The name shall be Naphill and Walter’s Ash Residents Association. 

2. OBJECTIVES    The objectives of the Association shall be:

a. Promote and encourage community cohesiveness through social and other activities 

b. Provide information, including planning, and matters affecting the Residents 

c. Encourage active involvement of all residents in protecting our local environment 

d. Awareness of the interests and concerns of residents, including those who are vulnerable or isolated and assist where possible. 

e. Co-ordinate action on behalf of the residents to address their concerns 


The activities of the Association shall cover matters where the community’s interests are affected. The Association shall co-operate fully with other organisations in the village in furthering the interests of the Residents. The Association is not a political body and shall at all times remain free from any suggestion of political bias. 


Membership of the association shall be open to everyone aged 16 and over, who live within Naphill and Walter’s Ash. Those living in the surrounding areas may also be eligible for membership at the discretion of the Committee.  


The Committee of the Association shall consist of up to 12 members to be appointed by ballot at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to which all residents of the two villages shall be entitled to be present and to vote. Nominations for membership of the committee shall be made at the AGM. The Committee so elected shall have the power to co-opt to fill any vacancies from N&WA residents or persons with a special connection or interest in the two villages. The duties of the Committee shall be to act on behalf of the Association on all matters brought before the Committee and to meet normally on a monthly basis, except for August, to carry out these duties. Committee members shall be required to declare an interest, when appropriate, in any matters in which they may have a personal connection or special concern. 


The officers of the Association shall be elected from among its Committee members comprising a Chairperson; Vice Chairperson; Hon Secretary; Hon Treasurer. The Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer shall be elected annually at the AGM. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall be elected by the Committee at the first meeting after the AGM. The office of Chairperson shall not be held for more than three consecutive years. The offices of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Treasurer shall not be held by any serving member of an interested local or national government body. 


At the discretion of the Committee, Sub-Committees may be formed as necessary from time to time. Any member of the Association may be co-opted to serve on such Sub-Committees. Each Sub-Committee shall be chaired by an elected Committee member. 


The AGM of the Association shall be held before the end of June each year to receive the Committee’s report for the previous year, to receive an audited statement of account and balance sheet, to elect officers and Committee to serve for the current year, to appoint an Hon. Auditor and to discuss appropriate business. The Hon. Auditor shall not be a Committee member. In the event that exceptional circumstances do not permit a normal “in person” meeting to take place, a “Virtual” meeting utilising a suitable electronic conference platform maybe used. Voting shall be effected by the electronic symbols provided by the platform used. 


Members wishing to put a resolution to the AGM shall give written details to the Hon. Secretary, with the names and signatures of proposer and seconder, at least 14 days in advance of the AGM. During the AGM business from the floor shall only be accepted at the discretion of the Chairman 


An EGM may be called at any time by any member of the Association by giving written notice to the Hon. Secretary with details of the resolution to be put to the EGM. Such notice must be supported by the names and signatures of at least six members. At the EGM no business other than the resolution notified shall be discussed. The date of the EGM shall be notified to all members by the Hon. Secretary at least 14 days in advance. 


The Committee shall meet at least ten times each year. A Committee meeting shall be held within 35 days following the AGM or an EGM. Following consideration of any issues discussed in Committee meetings any decision will be agreed by a majority vote. In the event of a tied vote the Chairperson of the meeting in question shall have a casting vote. 


For General Meetings a quorum shall be at least half the Committee, at least three of whom shall be officers. For Committee meetings a quorum shall be not less than half of the Committee, at least two of whom shall be officers. 


A bank account shall be maintained and operated by the Hon. Treasurer on behalf of the Association. Cheques shall require two signatures from the Officers one of whom shall be the Hon. Treasurer or The Chairperson. Expenditure of up to £20.00 shall be at the discretion of the Hon Treasurer and sums greater than £20.00 shall require the consideration of all Committee members and approved by a majority. The account shall be audited annually for the financial year ending 31st December and the audited account duly presented to the AGM. 


The Association shall not be held responsible for any loss or theft of property or for any damages arising from any accident or injury to persons or property, howsoever caused, sustained during any activity organised by or on behalf of the Association. 


Amendments to the Constitution of the Association shall only be made by resolution passed by a majority of at least two-thirds at an AGM or EGM. 


The Association shall only be wound up by resolution passed by a majority of two-thirds at an AGM. Notification of such a resolution shall be given to all members at least 14 days in advance of the AGM. In the event of such a resolution being passed, the residual funds and assets of the Association shall be placed at the disposal of the Naphill Village Hall Council. 

This Constitution was adopted at the Annual General Meeting of the Association held on ………………………………………………….

Witnessed, during the aforementioned Annual General Meeting, by the Officers of the Association: . …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 

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